Why Vizio TV Screen is Darker than Normal?

Why Vizio TV Screen is Darker than Normal?

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Vizio Inc. is a California-based company that designs and sells Televisions, Sound Bars, Viewers’ Data, and Advertising.

The company was founded in 2002 on a mission to provide the best technology to the general public and after 20 years of excellence, the vision is even stronger with the award-winning customer high-quality products that are affordable to everyone and customer support service that is impeccable on its own.

Vizio Inc. outsources the manufacture of its products from a Taiwanese company named AmTram Technology which operates across multiple locations in Asia and produces high-quality products. But other manufacturing companies such as BOE, Foxconn, Innolux, KIE, Tonly, TPV, and Zylux also manufacture some of the products.

Should my screen be darker?

There can be several reasons why your TV screen is darker than normal.

It could be because some TVs have an automated brightness control system that is not allowing it to increase the brightness due to some environmental factor or could be the brightness sensor or Cinema Mode activated. You can read more about TVs for dark room on TVs Era.

If you are having trouble with your screen brightness then you are at the right place.

Obviously, some of these problems depend more on the model of your TV but we will try to take a more general approach.

  • Your TV might have a lighting sensor built into it. As the room gets darker the screen will get darker with it. It is supposed to make your eyes more comfortable while watching TV in the dark.
  • Your TV brightness settings may have been down too low.
  • Picture Modes affect your TV’s brightness for example Cinema Mode darkens the screen. So if your TV supports picture modes then do check that section.
  • Sometimes a damaged HDMI Cable can cause your TV screen to be darkened. Some other apps or signal types might also prevent the TV from adjusting certain features.
  • Power saving mode could be set to high
  • Another scenario is that the backlight has died or its brightness is dimmed. Usually, new LED TVs do not have such a backlight. This problem is less likely in modern TVs but more in older LCD TVs.
  • The worst-case scenario is that your TV could have a faulty board. This will make things more complicated and expensive.

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How do I fix my Vizio TV Screen?

Vizio TV usually allows you to control several settings that put the look and feel of the image in the user’s hand.

You can adjust the intensity of your Vizio TVs’ dark colors, light colors and some other detail to tailor the look of the screen according to your comfort and need.

Adjusting these settings can be done via the remote control. Here we will go through several ways by which you can fix the brightness of your screen.

1.   Light Sensor

Some TVs have an ambient light sensor built into them. If the light sensor settings are turned on, the backlight adjustment is greyed out.

In this case, you can not adjust the settings yourself because the sensor is doing it for you. You can resolve this problem by simply disabling the settings.

2.   Customised settings

Press the VIA button on your remote. Go to TV settings using arrow keys and press OK. Go to Custom next to the picture mode and now you will see several options.

  • You will see backlight options. Adjust it by using the arrow keys. The higher the number the more bright the screen will become.
  • Further downwards you will find Brightness. Increase the number to increase your screen’s brightness.
  • Even further you will find contrast. The higher the number the more white colour will stand out.
  • Further going downwards you will find more options such as Color, Tint, and Sharpness. Adjusting these might also help you with the brightness.

3.   Picture Mode

You can also adjust your screen’s brightness by checking out the picture modes. Go to TV settings and then Picture Mode and then press OK.

You will find options such as Vivid, Golf, Basketball, Game, Standard, Movie, or Custom Picture Mode.

Usually when on Movie mode, the screen appears to be dimmer. So check these controls and adjust accordingly. Try the Standard Mode but if things work for you some other way then go for it.

4.   Faulty HDMI Cable

In many cases, the problem usually lies within the HDMI cable. If the cable is faulty, it might be sending wrong signals causing usually half of the screen to be dark.

Simply remove the HDMI cable to check if the problem lies here. Also, check all the external devices connected to the TV that may be sending faulty signals to the TV or interfering with the TV’s own signals.

5.   Power Saving

Sometimes by mistake or any other reason you might have set the power saving mode to high. This will reduce the brightness of your screen and it will appear dimmer than normal. Try checking out the settings and adjusting the power-saving mode

6.   Backlight

This problem usually appears in the older models having LCD screens. Newer LEDs do not have a backlight. The backlight is placed behind the LCD panel and is not so good at creating contrast and as a result, the screen appears too dark. Go to Menu > Picture > More Picture >Backlight Control and set it to off.

Since the backlight is being removed from the newer LED models, the backlight is becoming less and less of an issue.

7.   Check-in for Repair

If none of the above-mentioned procedures works for you may be try taking your TV to the shop for a repair as it might be broken. For instance, it might have a faulty board.

Most likely the brightness issue will be resolved by going through the settings of your TV but this is a worst-case scenario.

In short….

If your Vizio TVs screen appears to be darker than normal it might be due to the automatic lighting sensor or auto backlight control or even due to picture modes. You can adjust these features by exploring the TV settings and adjusting according to your comfort.


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