Welcome to “Developer Pioneer“. The website was started by @Chan in  2021. This website offers free resources for Web developers and programmers. It features SEO, WordPress, How-to-guides, Electronic , Network, Smart TV, programming, and software reviews.

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It is understandable that being a web designer or a programmer can sometimes be tricky and sources available on the web cannot always help you out when you have a question. This website aims to make programmers and web designers’ lives easier by helping them with different topics.

It provides them with a simple step-by-step guide on different topics and helps them find useful resources.

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Sokna Chan – Founder

Chan is the founder of ‘devoneer.com’. She’s a Senior Software Engineer, and a Digital Marketer by professional. She loves blogging on tech on weekends and free time.

Moiz Rajput – Senior Writer & Manager

Moiz is a Blogger and Full Stack Developer, a Creative Content Writer, and an SEO lead at the same time. He is passionate about what he does, energetic, incentive, with a positive attitude towards sociology.

DahSen – Writer

DahSen is a Writer and Web Developer, He’s expert article writer and a tech lover.

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Asad is a Writer and Web Developer, He loves to write on tech niches. He very passionate
about writing helpful articles. He likes explore new thing about tech.